short cycle lamination hot press machine

DATE:2018-09-26 14:55


China Geelong Machinery Manufacture Company Limited.(Linyi Geelong Imp. & Exp., Ltd.) is a professional machinery company in producing and selling plywood machine, particle board machine, MDF/HDF machine, flooring machine, lamination press, located in beautiful logistics city “LINYI”, and also won license for direct import and export by the state government.

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Technical parameters:
Model Total pressure KN Cylinder diameter  Cylinder quantity Closing time/second Appliable board size(WxL in mm)
GSCL/1200T 12000 Φ320 6 ≤1.5 4X8ft, 4x9ft, 5x8ft, 6x8ft, 6x9ft, 7x8ft, 7x9ft, 6x12ft
GSCL/1400T 14000 Φ340 6 ≤1.5
GSCL/1600T 16000 Φ320 8 ≤1.5
GSCL/1800T 18000 Φ340 8 ≤1.5
GSCL/2000T 20000 Φ360 8 ≤1.5
GSCL/2400T 24000 Φ400 8 ≤1.8
GSCL/2800T 28000 Φ420 8 ≤1.8
GSCL/3200T 32000 Φ440 8 ≤2

This short cycle press lamination hot press machine mainly used to do the lamination for furniture board, laminated flooring and decorative material. This machine mainly divided into: single(double) side lamination press with overhead oil cylinder, single side lamination press with bottom cylinder, laminated flooring press machine and wood profiles face lamination press machine. This machine can be equipped with several kinds of stainless steel plate for high-glossy, matte, S.F., embossing pattern’s pressing lamination. Regarding laminated flooring press machine, pressure range: 1400T-3200T, we can design working size and specification according to your different board size.
1,Machine frame all cut by CNC, after combined, high precision, stable performance, and high efficiency in production.
2,Hydraulic system, equipped with quick closing device, air cooling or water cooling system, main machine is equipped with FULL-SOLID wuxi cylinder.
3,Set high performance heat insulation material between cylinder and hot platen, extending cylinder’s working life.
4,Hot press machine is equipped with same-time closing device, cylinder go up and down stably, positioning with high precision.
5,Controlling panel use imported brand electrical parts, PLC brand: Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron...etc for selection.

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