de-dusting system & harmful gas treatment equipment

DATE:2018-09-26 14:51


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Pulse dedusting system, bag dedusting system,
sanding machine dedusting system, dust collector, plasma electrolysis waste gas treatment equipment

Dust air is entered into the ash bucket by the diversion pipe, and the large size particle dust is separated into the ash bucket directly under the guidance of the guide system of the ash bucket. The rest of the dust air goes into the filter area of the medium box with the air flow, the cleaned air after fitration is discharged through the filter bag through the upper box, the lifting valve and exhaust pipe. When the filter is carried out, when the dust on the surface of the filter bag reaches a certain amount, the lifting valve is closed by the program set by the ash cleaning device, the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened and the dust on the filter bag is shakes off, and the ash hopper is discharged into the ash relief valve. The dust collector can be used in wood factories, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

The principle of plasma technology to deal with pollutants is that a large number of high-energy electrons produced by the dielectric discharge in the medium of the electric field make them ionization, decomposition and excitation, and then lead to a series of complex physical and chemical reactions, and make the complex macromolecule contaminants into simple small molecular safety substances.

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