4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine
Release time:2018-12-01 17:20

4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine line includes the wood log feeding machine,wood log debarker machine, veneer peeling machine.

4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine specifcaition:
Length of peeling wood log: 1000-1400mm
Diameter of peeling log: Φ30-Φ500mm
Thickness of veneer peeling: 0.8-4.0mm
Linear speed of host machine: 45meter/min
Diameter and longer of double roller: 120
Diameter of longer of single roller: 120
Power of feeding motor: 7.5kw *1PCS
Power of single roller:5.5kw*2PCS
Power of double roller:11kw*1PCS
Power of glue roll:1.5kw
Power of conveyor:1.5kw
Power of knife cut knife:1.5kw
Total power: 34kw
Total weight: 4.5T
Overall dimension: 4500x1600x1380mm

4ft wood log debarking machine:
Wood length: 900-1300mm
Wood diameter: Φ80-Φ500mm
Blade length: 1400mm
The thickness of veneer debarking: 1-3mm
Linear speed of host machine: 52m/min
Double roller diameter: 150mm
Single roller diameter: 150mm
Double roller motor power: 11kw
Single roller motor power: 7.5kw
Hydraulic station motor power: 5.5kw
Total power: 24kw
Machine weight: 4000kgs
Machine dimension: 4500x2100x1400mm