glue spreader machine,plywood edge cutting saw machine are exported
Release time:2018-11-21 19:11

we provide the complete set plywood machine.only you tell us your requirement,we can give you best solution plant.
today we delivery the glue spreader,glue mixer and plywood edge cutting saw machine to client.

4 ft glue spreader specifciation:

Roller quantity:4pcs
Working speed:24-90m/min
Diameter of glue coating roller: 246mm
Length of glue coating roller:1400MM
rubber thickness:13mm
Diameter of glue squeeze roller:217mm
Length of glue squeeze roller: 1400mm
Reducer:2 cycloidal pin
Power of motor: 3kw
Max. Veneer thickness: 20mm
Max. Veneer width: 1400mm
Overall size:2200*1000*1400MM
Machine’s weight: 1000KGS

8ft glue spreader specification:

Working speed: 0-30m/min
Diameter of glue coating roller: 310mm
Length of glue coating roller: 2700mm
Diameter of glue squeeze roller: 217mm
Length of glue squeeze roller: 2700mm
Power of motor: 5.5kw
Max. Veneer thickness: 30mm
Max. Veneer width: 2700mm
Overall size: 3500x1250x1400mm
Machine’s weight: 3200KGS

plywood edge saw  cutting machine specification:

Cutting length: 2440-2460mm
Cutting width: 1220-1240mm
Cutting thickness: 10-60mm
Saw blade size: Φ180mm & Φ305mm
Vertical sawing speed:30m-60m/min
Horizontal sawing speed  30m-60m/min
Motor power: 37kw