4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine line is exported
Release time:2018-11-19 19:22

today we export the 4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine line.the complete line includes theb wood debarking machine, wood log feeding machine, spindleless veneer peeling machine.
it is used to peel the wood into 1-3mm thickness veneer.the veneer is used to make plywood.

4ft wood log debarking machine:

Diameter of wood logs available:80-500mm
Max. Length of wood log:1400mm
Debarking speed:50m/min
Total weight:2500kgs

4ft spindleless veneer peeling machine:

Length of peeler log:1000-1400mm
Diameter of peeler log:Φ22-Φ500mm
Length of blade:1500mm
Thickness of veneer peeler:0.3-4mm
Linear speed of host machine:45m/min
Diameter of double roller:120mm
Diameter of single roller:120mm
Power of feeding Motor:7.5kw*1pcs
Power of single roller:5.5kw*2pcs
Power of double roller:11kw*1pcs
Power of Cut knife:1.5 kw
Left log diameter:28mm
Power of rubber roller:1.5kw
Motor of covey veneer:1.5kw
Lead Screw and nut:Copper Taiwan made
Total power:30.5kw
Total weight:5500kg
Overall dimensions:4200*2000*1380mm