how to use plywood hot press machine
Release time:2018-11-08 12:21

1 .Hot pressing process parameters: Temperature: 110-120 °C Pressure: 8~15MPa  
The hot pressing time is decided by the glue,the board thickness,the board moisture content,the wood log kind ,the hot pressing temperature, pressure and so on....
The hot pressing time is not sure,but the hot pressing time of Urea-formaldehyde resin glue plywood need 0.5-1min each 1 mm thickness.the hot pressing time of Phenolic resin glue plywood need 0.8-1.2min each 1mm thickness.
2 .Before hot pressing, the wood chips, tapes and other contaminants on the hot platen should be cleaned one by one. The temperature of each hot platen is uniform at the four corners, and the board can be produced after reaching the required temperature.
3 .When pressing the multi-layer plywood board, the operation process of “exhaust steam method” is adopted, that is, the steam is exhausted after 3-5 minutes of hot pressing (time is depend on the moisture content of the board).
4 .Quickly put the board into the hot press, and the position of the board in each position should be consistent (ie, up and down, left and right aligned) to ensure uniform pressure and uniform thickness.
5 .Release pressure slowly, especially for pressing multi-layer boards and boards with high water content, otherwise it will easily cause defects such as opening and bubbling.
6 .When stacking pressed boards, it is necessary to check whether the thickness of the four corners of the board meets the requirements; whether the board has defects such as opening and bubbling, and the defective board should be picked up and repaired in time.
7.In the process of hot pressing, once the production of defective products exceeds the requirements, it should be immediately reported to the relevant responsible department to find a solution before continuing production.
8 .During the hot pressing process, the operator is not allowed to change the process parameters without authorization.